Improve recycling and fire management with Li-Tech

World's fastest-growing waste stream

Did you know that E-waste is the world’s fastest growing waste stream?

Lithium batteries, found in almost all portable electronic components, are one of the fastest-growing fractions. Due to their exponential growth, several problems related to end-of-life treatment have occurred. In January 2021 the UK-based Research and Consulting firm Eunomia reported that fires caused by lithium-ion batteries in waste fractions are costing the UK £ 158 million each year.

Li-Tech's Sensor Fusion

Li-Tech aims to innovate waste facilities by providing a solution that reduces battery-related fires. Our solution consists of different sensory data that generate a reflection of the composition of the waste. These parameters are processed by an onboard AI algorithm that provides the user with an indication of what electronic components contains batteries, and not. 

Our vision is to create a safe, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient waste management.


A safe working environment

Our customers experience smaller fire approaches almost every day. By detecting flammable batteries, before they ignite, we can provide a safer working environment.

Improved efficiency and reduced costs

Our customers will use millions of euros every year in insurance costs as well as preventative measures. Li-Tech aim to provide documentation to insurance companies to improve current agreements. By doing so, an investment in our technology will automatically be profitable.  

Increased efficiency & profitability
Reduced climate footprint

Reduced climate footprint

Our solution will make treatment of E-waste safer and more efficient, which will have a positive impact on the recycling rate. Furthermore, we will prevent hazardous emissions from battery-related fires to be released into the atmosphere.

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